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Dice Stake

The world of online casino games is constantly evolving and offering new variants to entertain betting enthusiasts. Dice Stake is further proof that the imagination of designers knows no bounds.

On the Stake platform, which specializes in crypto-currency casino games, this dice game stands out for its originality and accessibility. Find out in this article how to play Dice Stake and what its unique features are.



Key information about Mines Stake

  • Supplier:
  • Paris maximum : 1 000 000 €
  • Paris minimum : 0,01 €
  • Maximum earnings : x49,5
  • RTP: 99%

General operation and differences from classic dice games

At first glance, Dice Stake may seem a little complex because of its special features. However, after a few games, you'll quickly notice that it's a simple yet interesting and dynamic game.

Unlike the traditional dice games frequently found in casinos, this one offers an original way of working and a more strategic approach. There are several factors to consider when placing bets:

  • Total amount of bet desired,
  • Probabilities you want to bet on,
  • Prices and betting limits within your budget.

Rules and aim of the game

The main objective in Roll Over mode is to obtain a result higher than the amount preset with the dice. Players can customize this amount according to their preference and strategy. For example, if the player chooses an amount of 50, the sum of the dice must be greater than this value to win.

It's important to note that the higher the amount selected, the lower the chances of winning, but the greater the reward.

Special features of Dice Stake

Dice Stake

This online dice game wouldn't be complete without a few features that make it even more attractive to players. Here are the main ones:

Play in demo mode

No special information is required to try out the demo version of Dice Stake. Simply visit the Stake and choose this mode to test the game for free. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the different odds and learn how to bet without risking your money.

Betting limits to suit all budgets

The betting limits for the Dice game vary according to the crypto-currency used. Beginners and experts alike will find something to suit their budget. Indeed, minimum bets can be very low (for example, €0.01) while maximum bets can reach significant sums (up to €100,000).

Integrated Auto-Bet function

Like most of the games offered on Stake, Dice includes an Auto-Bet function that allows you to automate betting and enjoy the game to the full.

Dice Stake video tips

Conclusion: an innovative and accessible dice game

Dice Stake is an interesting alternative to the traditional dice games usually found in casinos.

Thanks to its original operation, various features, compatibility with crypto-currencies and betting limits accessible to all budgets, this game attracts beginners and online betting enthusiasts alike. So go ahead, try your luck at Dice Stake and enjoy a unique and rewarding gaming experience!

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