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Loopoo, a success story in the online casino and streaming world

Discover Loopooa famous French streamer who has made a name for himself on the streaming and in the online casinos. Having started his career on Twitch, he recently migrated to the Kick platform, where he continues to impress fans with his slot and blackjack wins.


Impressive earnings and growing popularity

Loopoo is known for repeatedly winning sums in excess of €100,000 on various slot machines and while playing blackjack. His fame has enabled him to become an ambassador for Kick Francereinforcing its presence on this fast-growing platform, now competing with Twitch.

  • Impressive Sumaes: Loopoo has won over €100,000 on several occasions.
  • Growing popularity: As an ambassador for Kick FranceLoopoo has become a true authority in the field of online casinos.

Mirox, Loopoo's assistant on Kick

Recently, Loopoo decided to take a step back from its streaming activity, entrusting the management of its Kick channel to an "assistant" named Mirox. This change allows Loopoo to concentrate on other projects while maintaining its popularity on the platform.

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Follow Loopoo streaming on Kick

Don't miss Loopoo's next streaming sessions on its Kick channel. Discover his techniques, tips and strategies for maximizing your slot and blackjack winnings.

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Online casino comparator CDLoops

Loopoo is also the creator of the CDLoopsan online casino comparator. On this site, you'll find bonus for a list of reliable and secure casinos, as well as a store where you can exchange the points you earn watching Loopoo's stream on Twitch for prizes ranging from a few euros on bitcasino to AirPods and iMacs.

Why use CDLoops?

  • Selection of reliable and secure casinos : Loopoo has done the hard work for you by selecting the best sites to play slots and blackjack online.
  • Exclusive bonuses: Take advantage of special offers and bonuses reserved exclusively for CDLoops members.
  • Redeem your points for gifts: As a CDLoops member, your points accumulated by watching Loopoo streams can be exchanged in the site's store for attractive gifts.

Don't wait any longer to discover the exciting world of online casinos and streaming with Loopoo. Register now at CDLoops, follow Loopoo on Kick and take advantage of our exclusive offers!


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