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Kawaboumga: The rise of a young online casino and poker player

Kawaboumga's YouTube debut

Kawabounga youtube channel

Florian, known as Kawaboumgais a French online casino and poker streamer. He gained popularity on YouTube as a player of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Fortnite before turning to Twitch to offer online casino and poker. His journey into the world of gaming began in his teens.

A lover of mobile games, he created his YouTube channel at the age of 17, while still in high school studying for the Baccalauréat scientifique. Alongside his YouTube activity, Kawaboumga has launched a Twitch channel without using it right away, and then developed a real passion for the gaming industry, particularly the casinos and online poker.

The transition to online casino sessions

In 2018, Kawaboumga made its mark on the streaming world with its captivating sessions of casino live on YouTube. "It was a period when I was exploring online casinosincluding Cresus Casinoand the feedback was promising," he recalls. In response to the growing popularity, the transition to Twitch was a natural evolution, despite a modest start in terms of audience.

Kawaboumga's channel, according to SullyGnome's data, saw the light of day on August 31, 2014. But it was long after that, when Kawa grew tired of traditional video games like Fortnite, that he truly found his niche. As of December 17, his channel kawaboumgaop shows impressive growth, with 42,282 subscribers and 648,809 views. The peak of his popularity was illustrated when he gathered nearly 2,400 spectators at a memorable poker tournament on Sunday December 13.

The transition to online poker

It was with this strategy game that Kawaboumga conquered a new audience: "Initially, I offered morning live streams and was soon contacted by a room." Today, I divide my Twitch activity equally between online casinos and poker," says Kawa. "I stream poker three to four times a week with rather long sessions and almost every day I do small streams of online casinos. These are more entertainment-oriented, whereas my poker sessions are more competitive, with a drive to outdo myself."

The evolution of Kawaboumga's YouTube channel

Kawaboumga clash of clan

Kawaboumgawell known in the streaming world, began his adventure on YouTube. Created in January 2014, his channel initially featured mobile games, including the famous Clash of Clansbefore capturing a vast audience with Fortnite. These beginnings enabled him to gather an impressive community of 773,000 subscribers.

In the space of two and a half years, the mobile game propelled my channel to 100,000 subscribers," he recalls. After this great adventure on YouTube, Kawaboumga decided to explore other horizons and turned to Twitch in early 2020. Whether through his poker streams or his Twitter interactions, he continues to leave his mark on the streaming world with his passion and dedication.

Plans for the future and 2021

On the eve of the new year, we tried to find out more about Kawaboumga's future plans. "There are a lot of projects in the pipeline for 2021, but I can't talk too much about them right now!" the player mysteriously declares.

Kawaboumga's upcoming program

  • Regular Twitch live streams between online casinos and poker
  • Continue to develop its YouTube channel to attract a wider audience
  • Diversify content with new games and collaborations

With this rapid ascent and ambitious future projects, Kawaboumga promises to be an essential streamer in the world of online casino and poker. His success is testament to the growth of gaming in France and the ever-increasing appeal of these live, interactive games. There's no doubt that this talented and passionate young man will continue to entertain and impress viewers the world over in 2021 and beyond.

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