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Kick, the fast-growing platform that's shaking up Twitch: what's the link with Stake?

The world of streaming is undergoing a veritable revolution with the arrival of Kicka platform that competes with giant Twitch. With its ultra-aggressive marketing strategy, laxer rules and 95% payout on subscriptions, Kick has become a potential partner for streamers.

The emergence of this platform nevertheless raises questions as to its link with an online casino-crypto company named Stake. Let's analyze this evolution.

Co-founders common to Kick and Stake

Founded in 2017 by Edward Craven and Bijan Tehrani, Stake specializes in online gaming and crypto-currencies. Hungry for new things, Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani launched Kick in December 2022. The two men are now at the helm of these two entities.

Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani

Kick's rapid growth thanks to massive investment

  • Casino sites banned on Twitch
  • Arrival of major influencers like Amouranth, ChowH1, Davidlafarge and Ninja
  • Negotiations underway with the majority of popular streamers and YouTubers

Does Kick promote online casino content?

Category " Slots & Casino " Kick

The two platforms share a common interest in gaming, streaming and the web in general. Clearly, Kick wants to take advantage of the potential offered by Stake. By promoting streams focused on casinos and slot machines, Kick is encouraging its users to turn to Stake for an online gaming experience.

Kick and Stake really part ways?

Edward Craven asserts that no advertising or affiliate links will ever be present on Kick.

Although there's no evidence of any direct promotional elements from Stake on the streaming platform, one can legitimately wonder how Kick intends to offer such a payout policy while generating sufficient revenue without the help of its casino-crypto partner.

Future prospects for Kick in the face of Twitch

  • Over 150 million visitors per month for Kick
  • Over a billion monthly visitors for Twitch
  • Kick far from seriously threatening Twitch's position, but situation to be monitored

Twitch home page

All in all, it appears that the two platforms have common ambitions, promoting the online gaming and casino market.. That said, their actions are part of a wider competition aimed at disrupting the streaming landscape as we know it today.

For now, Kick and Stake offer an interesting proposition for streamers and online gamers alike. However, we must remain vigilant about the potential links between these two entities, which may raise legitimate questions about their true motivations.

Despite Edward Craven's claims, the question remains: how is it that Kick only manages to collect 5% from its members without working closely with Stake?

Users should therefore keep this possible connection in mind when exploring content on these platforms.

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