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Drake: a fan of sports betting and crypto-casinos

From rap to a passion for betting and cryptocurrencies, let's discover together Drake's adventure into the world of betting through his collaboration with Stake and his biggest recent bets.

Drake's Bitcoin betting debut

Drake Bitcoin

For several years now, the famous American rapper Drake is a big fan of sports betting and online gaming. He seems particularly interested in gaming platforms using cryptocurrencies. Thanks to his substantial fortune, he doesn't hesitate to place impressive bets on these sites.

Drake regularly shares on his Instagram account @champagnepapi screenshots of his bets and their results. In particular, the rapper uses the online casino platform for its bets, whose logo obviously features prominently on the shared images.


  • It is important to note that some of Drake's publications are not sponsored, although he is officially partnered with Stake since early 2022.
  • Prior to this association, the singer had already shared some of his bets made on the platform.

The official partnership between Drake and Stake

On March 2, 2022 published the video formalizing their partnership with the rapper. In 2020, Drake had already treated himself to a luxury watch with integrated wheels worth $620,000. So the collaboration between the two parties was actually expected and logical,

So, since March 2022, the rapper hasn't hesitated to share spectacular bets on his Instagram account with the colors and logo of Stake present.

Drake and Stake on social networks


To highlight their partnership, the platform also has a few videos on their YouTube channel featuring Drake playing various online games such as roulette or betting on basketball matches.

Drake also benefits from a number of live streams via Twitch in his channel "StakeDrake". That said, they have been banned from this platform since September 2022 following the change in rules concerning crypto-casinos.

Drake's most memorable bets

While it's clear that Stake provides part of Drake's betting budget, the fact remains that Drake regularly commits his own funds to betting on major sporting events.

  • It is estimated that since December 2021, Drake has spent close toone billion dollars in betting with the famous cryptocurrency casino.
  • This includes bets made during the Super Bowl, the FIFA World Cup and the Jake Paul fight.

Drake's bet on the FIFA World Cup Final

Paris Drake World Cup

It was probably his most high-profile bet of recent times. Drake had bet no less than $1 million on the outcome of the FIFA World Cup Final match, with a potential payout of $2,750,000.

Despite his good intuition in choosing the winning team in this competition (Argentina), he ended up losing this amount by betting on a victory during regulation time, when at the end of the latter both teams were tied.

Beyond his undeniable artistic talent, it's interesting to note Drake's passion for sports betting and the world of crypto-casinos, with partnerships such as the one with reinforcing his image as an inveterate gambler.

However, we applaud his willingness to regularly remind fans of the risks of gambling, so as not to encourage them to blindly follow his example. The emphasis is on individual responsibility and responsible gaming.

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