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TeufeurS, the online casino streamer that's causing a sensation

The last few years have seen a boom in streamers specializing in online casinos. These include TeufeurS is a name that comes up a lot.

This young Frenchman offers a wide range of Internet gambling projects and has a growing community. Find out more about his background, his projects and where you can follow him.

I. The surprising success of TeufeurS


Originally in debt and unemployed, TeufeurS tenaciously launched himself into the online casino streaming business. His destiny changed on his birthday August 26, 1993.

Having started with a bankroll of €19,000, TeufeurS gradually succeeded in continually increasing his winnings to reach the symbolic million-euro mark.

If you're curious to know more about his story, a detailed YouTube video traces his atypical trajectory, from the moment he was banned from banking to his current fortune.

Where can you follow TeufeurS streams?

Once a regular presence on Twitch, following the banning of casino streaming, TeufeurS and its team migrated to Dlive and then Kick.

You can find the link to his streams in the social media section below. An extension is also available to keep you informed of upcoming streams via notifications.

Kick de TeufeurS chain

II. Social media and TeufeurS projects

TeufeurS is very active on social networks, regularly proposing contests to win money. Here's a non-exhaustive list of platforms where you can follow him:

In addition to his activity on streaming platforms and social networks, TeufeurS is involved in several projects linked to his passion for online gambling. Discover three of his flagship initiatives below.

1. Nothing2All: an online casino comparator created by TeufeurS

To make life easier for online casino beginners, TeufeurS has launched "Nothing2All", a comparison site for reliable and secure online casinos. On this platform, in addition to finding interesting bonuses, you'll have access to a blackjack table and a table for bonus hunts.

Nothing2All home page

2. a gift box opening website in partnership with Stake Casino

Always innovating, TeufeurS offers its community the website, where you can collect points and open surprise boxes containing various prizes. You'll find

  • Money on Stake
  • Rolex watches
  • Video game consoles
  • Apple products, etc.

3. TeufeurS' new NFT project

In order to stay on top of current trends, our streamer also ventures into the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with its website.

III. TeufeurS assistants: Antho and Kefun

TeufeurS wouldn't be where it is today without the invaluable help of its assistants Antho and Kefun. They are a regular presence at TeufeurS' casino streams, and make a major contribution to the channel's dynamism.

All in all, TeufeurS is a major figure in online casino streaming. You can follow his many activities on various social media and websites mentioned above.

His Nothing2All, and Nftalk projects testify to his constant drive to evolve and innovate in the online gaming world. So don't hesitate to join his community and discover the exciting world of online casinos with TeufeurS.

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